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Secret of the sea

Unexplored sea depths have always been a subject of interest for seekers. Become the same enthusiastic seeker for yourself and dig into the study of your deep inner world. Give yourself freedom to dream big and achieve your goals even if they seem unrealistic and fantastic to you now, like krakens from myths that were so big that they could sink ships. In the same way, our life's obstacles and circumstances drown our planet's hopes and dreams, but you just have to dive deeper and you will find the very treasure of your life. This painting was created as a reminder of the importance of self-knowledge.

Sunset in the bay

Painting of energy, passion, unlimited possibilities in life. This picture can restore self-confidence and bring success in all endeavors. At first glance, this draws you into the circle of incredible turns of life that a person with a positive mindset can have. This force and unpredictability of the elements, bright colors, two mighty sources of the sky and the ocean will fill your life with what you have been missing so much. The main reminder is not to let your dreams and desires break on the rocks of life's problems and other people's opinions. You are stronger than this! You are unique as deep as the ocean and strong and unpredictable as the sky.

The blue forest

This is embodiment of deep memories, a place of calm and strength where you can be alone with yourself, take a break from the bustle of the city and recover on your way and find the right decisions, the path to which you should return. Relax and feel the smells and sounds of the forest, you are part of nature, and this will help you recover and feel truly alive. Love for nature and all its beautiful inhabitants pervades every stroke of paint on this canvas and bestows a special meletative state on the owner of the painting.

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